Humax 5300 OTA software upgrade



My Satellite Setup
Humax VACI-5300
2001 model
16 March 2005

I have a 2001 model Humax VACI-5300 and have been unable to upgrade using the 'OTA' function (download from satellite). Humax official website says you can do it and I have followed the steps which work OK but always end up with the on-screen display 'no new software available now' even though the website says the new software IS available. Because I live in Saudi Arabia my technical support request was dealt with by Humax Korea and their English (supposedly) reply was almost incomprehensible but seemed to say that because of a licensing agreement with Viaccess the STB software could only be upgraded at a dealers, 'free of charge'. None of the Humax sellers out here know how to do this and none would do anything free anyway. In Saudi the 'customer service' ends as you hand over the money. So does the OTA upgrade work with my Humax? I use Hotbird satellites and the settings shown on the Humax website for freq etc. Do I need to be on a Hotbird 'Download Channel' (title of channel) before I start or is this an unrelated Internet type channel? I'd be very grateful for any help. I also tried the PC null modem cable method about a year ago; didn't work. Humax say only their dealers have the software, whilst at the same time showing it as a download from their website! Bloody Koreans.....