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Humax 5400 Updating Questions

My Satellite Setup
Humax 5400
1m Dish
0.6db lnb
My Location
Hi all, I havent used my humax 5400 in good while, it is patched, i`d like to update the firmware and hopefully get some premiership football for the upcomming season.

Current ID/firmware

H/W Version - Oak 1+2 2.1
S/W Version - Hic 1.05.00+

Can i upload this file - ToH3[1].3_HoT5.5 ????? or do i need to upload another version first?

i think the next step is to upload a `key bin` using Dsr9500emued4.2 or SamyHumyeditv.100?

ive never uploaded any channel lists (forgot proper name) and need some info on these please. Any help is much Appreciated. Thankyou