Humax 5400z & fun card, Zeus programmer



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pj::satellite beginner
I’m after bit of help please. I hope someone will be kind enough to help me, this problem is driving me insane.

I’ve got a Humax 5400z, funcard2 (purple), and Zeus programmer.

I’ve followed all the instructions, written files to the card, but when I put the card into the Humax, I’m not receiving any more channels. I can’t understand why, have tried using several different hex files, but am getting nowhere.

Please help, I’ve spent 2 nights on this, & it’s killing me. I got the satellite system for my girlfriend who is Spanish, and am struggling to get her any TV at all. Of course, I’m not asking you for any advice on programming illegal data.

Thanks in advance.


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Spencer, you don't say, although I make the assumption that your receiver is patched to freecam, it is also important to know which channels on which satellite or satellites you are attempting to decrypt.

Also you need to got into the CAM setup menu and let us know what the description and settings are.


PS. I have moved this thread to cards and decoders.