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Humax CI5100

I am quite new to computers so not sure about a couple of things about updating the software on my Humax CI500. I registered at the humax site and found the software which I can download to my laptop. But there is a bit about selecting baud rate and I have not got a clue what to set this at?

Anyone know if using a laptop IBM Thinkpad running windows 98 will make any difference to the procedure as opposed to a pc?

Humax specify using a null modem cable configured in a certain way. Can I buy one in any local computer store?

Are there any idiots guides to programming recievers and cards for newbies?
I only just spotted your post, hope you got sorted by now.
But in case not - go to the download section -
Download WDN4OAK+.zip
all the instructions are there but you need an ordinary serial cable for the transfer.
You change the baud rate on the drop down if it's not already 115200.
It' easy really - but make sure you install the right files for your system ID, they are specific to each model. You are looking for an .hdf file at the bottom of the download page.
Null modem cables can be found at most sat dealers.( £5-£15) depending on quality and ripoff %!
IBM laptop no problem.

i really need help , i'm new how to update my humax 5100 software..how can i update it and what should i do and what programme to use ????????