Humax iCord HD Lock-up due to Faulty EPG download


Apr 18, 2012
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I sent the following e-mail to Humax support on a problem that I was having with SAT receiver.
I got a response that solved the problem that I thought might help someone in the future.

I have a Humax iCord HD PVR where the video freezes after running for approx. 3 minutes.
The video frame remains projected on the TV, but there is no refresh of the video. The audio continues playing.
It is just that the video stops.
The unit stops responding to the remote control as well. The unit only responds to the on/off switch on the rear
panel when the video freezes.

The system seems to work flawlessly when the LNB('s) are not connected to the unit in any way. I can still
playback all my old (recorded) programs that are currently stored on the hard drive. This three minute time limit on
receiving video through the LNB remains no matter what Mfg. LNB I attach to the unit.

The one thing that happened last night was that it started
a download and stopped at 55% (as seen on the unit front panel in the morning after waking up), but the thing is,
the LNB was disconnected from the unit. (so the question is how could it have even started the download if there
was no input signal?)

I have changed the LNB with the same results. From Fuba dual output LNB to a Maximum Pro-line P-2 universal
twin LNB.

The LNB are dual output units.

The signal during these tests has been as follows:
The signal strength has been equal to or greater than 80 or better
The signal quality has been equal to or greater than 70 or better

I have a Fuba 1 meter dish & Fuba dual output LNB.

Note: this hardware and setup have preformed extremely well over the past couple (approx.) years with no problems.

The following information might be of importance:
model: Humax iCord HD
software ver: GXLSCI 1.00.37
Loader ver: U7.03
sys id: 3000.0078
update date: 12AUG2010
micom ver: 5.01

The response/solution is as follows:

The situation you described was apparently caused by faulty EPG data. Please perform the following steps.
- First, disable the EPG (electronic program guide):
- Press the "Menu" => Preferences => Advanced/Optional Settings => EPG TVTV: Disabled

Then switch the receiver into standby mode, then disconnect/turn off (switch on rear panel) the power from the device (for a minute or two).

Return power to the receiver again, and note in the standby mode
Then you can power up the receiver and enable the EPG:
- Press the "Menu" => Preferences => Advanced/Optional Settings => EPG TVTV: Enabled

Disconnect the power supply again. Restore the power and then turn off the receiver and leave it standby mode!, but do not turn off (shut rear switch to the off position) the receiver! Please leave the unit for at least 10 hours in standby to enable a EPG download.