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Humax IRCI 5400Z


My Satellite Setup
Humax IRCI-5400Z
Satellites received Arab site,Nile & Hotbird
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First of all,I seize this opportunity to express my gratitude to this site's moderators for the exerted efforts and the professionalism,which is obvious to everybody.In fact,I have one request,which is about how to enter the encryption codes into my receiver.I already bought the required cable,required for this operation.The Viacces-encrypted channels are working,which means that this software is already installed.My question now is,how can I do it myself without the need to take my receiver to a third party,namely satellite shops?Sincerely speaking,I am not 100% ignorant of these things,but I have to consult an expert to avoid damaging my receiver.

I would be most appreciative if someone can teach how
to do it.

With my best regards,
your brother MSSH