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Humax launches Freeview Playback TVs


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Humax launches Freeview Playback TVs

Humax has announced the launch of two LCD TVs with built-in Freeview Playback capabilities.

The LP32-TDR1 and LP40-TDR1 televisions, 32 and 40 inches respectively, come with a 160GB hard drive built-in and digital video recorder functionality in line with the Freeview Playback standard.

"A TV with integrated digital recorder is a great way for consumers to get all the functionality for watching and recording TV, without needing a whole host of additional boxes," said Graham North, UK commercial director at Humax. "The Freeview Playback badge gives consumers added confidence that they are getting a product that will allow them to get the most out of Freeview."

Regards Satdude.