Humax Loading Question



My Satellite Setup
Humax 5400
1.2 Meter Dish
Astra, Hotbird
0.8 meter dish Nile Sat
Windows XP
My Location
I just received my new Humax 5400 and found the following;

Hardware version OAK I & II 2.1

Software version HIC 1.05.02

Device Driver HIC 1.05.02

Software last Upgrade 14 March 2005

Loader version H2.19

System ID 0016.0601

Conditional Access

Softcell Version 2.10

Euro IChip Version NEC V2.1


I wanted to get the latest software upload so I got ToH3[1].3_HOT which is 1.023 meg in size. It compares with the size that was supposed to be downloaded. I didn’t get any errors downloading the file so I’m assuming that it’s good.

I used HDFSmart 1.6 and tried WDN40AK loaders and got almost the same results. I did what was in another article about turning the STB on and loading etc. I’m assuming I did that right. My problem is that every time I received Error Code ID. That means that I have the wrong software and I think I figured the problem. The software in the laptop shows 0016.0600 and the software in the STB Status is 0016.0601. I’m assuming that this is my problem, these two ID identifiers do not match, hence the error code ID. Oh Yeah, on my laptop I have Windows XP.

How do I fix this problem? Can I change the software ID using HDFSmart or WDN40AK and then install? Is there different software that I’m missing that has the correct ID for my STB?

Thanks in advance, I know someone has the answer to my problem. Thanks for the great work; I’ve learned a lot from your board.