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Humax Recall IRCI Receivers


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HUMAX recalls set-top boxes : Sept 27, 2002
- Around 40,000 IRCI STBs recall worldwide

HUMAX Co., Ltd. (www.humaxdigital.com), one of the world leading digital set-top box manufacturers, announced today to recall approximately 40,000 set-top boxes, including products in the distribution networks worldwide.

Along with the anti-piracy movement of broadcasting operators and CAS (Conditional Access System) companies, HUMAX continues to only support legal applications by recalling the product IRCI that is known to be vulnerable to pirate intruders.

Underneath this recall event lies HUMAX's strong will and leading position against illegal activities that are currently deteriorating the growth of healthy PayTV market. The recalled IRCI products are to be strengthened with enhanced security features.

Will you be sending yours back? :rolleyes: