Humax repair service in South Sweden



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S-246 57 Barsebäck, Sweden
Dutch expat needs Humax VACI-5350 repaired. Three weeks ago it just stopped doing anything after booting, just a black screen. No access to settings either. Instead of channel numbers only the three little dots. When going over to the place I bought it from in Löddeköpinge, it turned out that they had moved without forwarding address.

I just bought a SRT DM-1200 motor unit to adjust the dish, but the way things are going it makes a very nice paperweight as well. I used to have all the German channels and the Dutch international channel BVN on TV, but I want to get the UK channels on my TV, as I want my kid to grow up with english instead of german dubbed US junk. Any suggestions how I can get BBC on my TV if everything is up again? The only thing I miss about Holland is BBC on TV.