i havent a clue!



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i dont have one yet, i dont have a clue on how to do this; never had satellite tv before
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abu dhabi uae
Hi to all,

I am totally new to sat tv. In the usa I had cable and didnt have to deal with dishes, decoders, what satellite do i point to and so on.

So far I have figured out that I need a dish, decorder and have to decide where to have the install guys point the dish.

I have also figured out that everything I seem to want to watch is not avialalbe in one location and some have told me I need 2 dishes...I cant do that where I live.

So, if someone has please help me to figure this out I would be so happy. I have been without any tv for a month now. Its ok, im not a big watcher, but I sure would like to see american tv and local channels like dubai one.

Any tutoring will help me to feel less helpless


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TM6800HD, TM1000, TM600 Linux,TM2200 motor, Channel Master 1.2m motorised, TD110 dish Meter=Satlook Micro+G2 NIT
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You need to check a site such as lyngsat to see what channels you are after, and what satellites they are on, and what band they're in.

Also check on the transponder footprints to see what dish size you need for your location.

Once you have this information you will then know whether you can use a single LNB/dish, a multi LNB bracket/single dish or a motorised dish.