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i need help please!


thank you for clicking on my post and comming here to read it and to help me.

i have a SMART M1 digital reciver and it recieves HotBird and NileSat, i'm really a newbie and i don't understand most of the tech-talk you guys are using, anyways, i've been trying to find an update for my reciever and i didn't find a one, i was searching in google, and i found in some forums, that my reciever relates to something called "metabox" i searched for metabox and i got nothing!! i don't know how to update my software! if someone can help me i would be really thankful, and the reason why i want to update my software is because i want to get some channel to start working, like discovery channel, playboy, mtv network, mad tv, and reality tv, maybe there's a way to do so without updating my software, so again, if anyone can help me i would be thankfull.

thank you for reading, Rami