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fortec star
I have a fortecstar lifetime ultra....and I have everything set up....I have all my software working and have entered the lastest keyes...however I can recieve all the channels.. the ones on echo 6.8 110 satellite come in fine...but the channels on echo 7 119 satellite do not come in....the channels say that they are scrambled or bad channels...I have tried everything I can find online to help me with this and still no success...I did at one time get sound on a few channels but still no picture....can anyone out there help me?


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My Satellite Setup
IDD CI24 ECONO MM Penta 1.20 Galaxy II
1.2Mtr Polar MTG yes it has been on the arc for 25 years and is now fixed on 13 East using two pairs of rusty molegrips. Unlike me they never groan but always perform.
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Blackburn, Lancashire
and welcome to the forum. Can I assume you are in the USA?
Looking at Lyngsat for that sat Echo 7 on 119deg which you can do by clicking here suggests that most channels are nagra 1 and 2 as is 110deg, which you say you can receive OK even though they are circular polarised. I can only assume therefore it is a mechanical setup problem you have. I am not the best person (with my home made assembly) to be able to advise you especially not knowing your reference satellites out there. I am sure someone will help if possible .