I want to be able to create my own satellite tv receiver, how can i achieve this?.


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i only want to learn how to make one.
I am a nigerian and i am interested in creating a satellite tv receiver, but i have searched the internet several times but could'nt find a answer to my question. Can anyone please help me out with a detialed information on how i can create it and the parts I need.

Thanks alot.


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Forget it ango, even the big manufacturers buy the ready made boards from the Far East manufacturers, it would cost you more to build it yourself.

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You need to specify more than simply a receiver.

Is it for analogue or digital reception ,
for domestic, commercial or secret application,
which frequencies are to be received,
any encryption system required, cardless or with ,
fixed or portable use
standalone or integrated into another piece of equipment ?

As Rolf says the cost of the main components would come to far more than a single board from the Far East already populated with the right components for your needs
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Sorry, but even with huge willpower, and much time and patience, it really is impossible. In any case, you'd spend much more on the bits than you would on a new receiver!

To proceed, you'd need: a satellite tuner; if strip and demodulator, mpeg decoding chipset; maybe a cam socket for decryption; control microprocessor (choose one, then write complete software for it starting from scratch!); power supply (the easy bit!); design and build a main circuit board, paying particular attention to rf techniques. So, you see, it really can't be done, it takes a big team of people quite a while (and you'd need a huge electronics workshop)!

In West Europe, satellite receivers get increasingly sophisticated, and older types are now sold at low prices. As you have Internet access, use it to look for these, that's your best bet.

NB, if you have a computer, then some receivers are actually plug-in computer cards (see other threads, this website), but they're no cheaper than standard types.