I want to buy a digital receiver to work alongside my sky digibox



so that i can get adult channels, i dont want to install a new dish and go motorised etc. I understand that i can get SCT through my minidish if i have a digital reciever (with viaaccess embedded) and the sct card? In fact sctdirect.co.uk have an offer on with a samsung 9500 and 12 month subs for £319, this looks good, is this receiver good?

The other things i want to know if i can get are: saturday premiership football that isnt shown on sky? Or premium movies in english? Finally will my sky digital work just fine alongside this and how will i connect it?

Also considering the Prestige @sat with the global cam, this appears to do everything? Also the Humax looks good, dont know which one h5300 or h5400.

There is so much there im sorry, but this is such a complex area.

Cheers for any help,



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Apart from SCT, there is not much value in staying on the Sky 28.2 satellite, I would seriously consider either a second dish or a single dish to pull in 28.2 and 19.2 and perhaps even 13 E.

If you can consider perhaps an 80cm with a cheap motor and a patched receiver like the technomate 5000, you will have the world as your oyster.