I'm confused SkyStar Question.

Okay, this was the plan.

I wanted to watch Free View channels through my PC.

The only dish I have is Sky. I bought a pc card (SkyStar 2).

Here comes the confused bit.

I thought I could plug my current aerial into my card and get the BBC free channels as I think my aerial is okay for digital.

Where I'm confused is what would I put in the transponder settings for my card.

Or will I need to get another dish to use with the SkyStar.

If I need a dish, where will it need to be pointed for me to receive BBC and ITV etc.



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Longer term Coops, you will be able to receive all of the satellite BBC channela and probably the ITV ones as well and all from your existing dish (may require a twin LN:cool:. The Skystar 2 card is a superb and cheap piece of kit, but it does have limitations, the fact that it does not decrypt Videoguard, the encryption used by Sky is one of them.

It will not work with terrestrial digital, but if you get yourself a 60cm or 80cm dish with a universal LNB and point it at one of the other satellites, you may come up with some interesting results, see a few of the threads in this section.