Increased usability on the PocketSurfer

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Jun 26, 2007
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The PocketSurfer 2 from Datawind, one of the first devices to offer the full internet on the move with no monthly contract, intends to improve its device in the coming months.
The device will feature an upgraded system for navigating around the device’s screen, likely to be something similar to the trackpad seen in laptop computers.
The new feature is aimed to be introduced later in 2008.
“The two main criticisms we’ve had of the device are the screen and the basic nature of manoeuvring around the screen,’ says David Elder, COO of Datawind. “We’re looking at the screen tech, but we also want to add something similar to a trackable pad.
“We’re currently looking at a few options,” he added.
Finding the space
The PockletSurfer 2 currently has a simple circular d-pad for navigating the screen, located in the bottom right-hand corner. The new pad could be located in the same place, or the keyboard could be redesigned slightly to accommodate an easier method.
“Changing the layout of the electronics of the keyboard would not be a problem,” confirmed Elder. “We want to speed up the navigation.”
The new method will not impact the price of the device, which is currently on offer over the bank holiday in the UK for £149.99.