India’s ailing Prasar Bharati may be split up



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India’s loss-making public sector broadcaster Prasar Bharati could lose its identity, if a proposal to split it into two corporations gets implemented. Under the proposal, Prasar Bharati will be split into an Asset Corporation, to hold all assets, and a Programming and Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) to oversee programming and other operations.

The PBC would get the lion’s share of government-sponsored ads, including a fifth of the budget for print ads. It will also perform the role of a public broadcaster, where the government will continue to fund the production of content. The PBC will also be compensated by the government for airing public service broadcasts in the form of a broadcasting service fee.

The government is of the view that if this restructuring proposal is implemented, it will not only help revive Prasar Bharati, but also make it competitive with regard to private broadcasters. Prasar Bharati accumulated about Rs4,000 crore (US$993 million) loss over the past five years, reports India’s The Economic Times.

(Source: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union via Media network)