Installing 2 Way Internet Lnbs,any tips,and hints?


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Apr 25, 2005
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Hi there!
can anyone tell me,how to setup a 2 way sending lnb in the right way?

i know,the prices are very high for this service,but i want to test it,to take a look,on the technical background!
bought this lnb 1 year ago on ebay,it comes from


its very hevey and has a massive heatpipe on it!

apriximently 2 kg,now this service sending on 40 east!

i see this type of lnb first time in thailand,installed on a acumen antenna ,in south east asia!

now,i have read it german bigest computer magazine ct,that is dangerous,to isntall it without eye protection glassis,when i look in the unvisible laser light,i can get blind,maybe true maybe not,what kind of protection glasses must be use?to pretect?

and how the rest of setup will continiue,in dont know,but i hope someone can tell me!

was includes a pci tv pc card,netzworkcard driver and power supply

orbit does also prived this but only for arabic region,in eurpe i have no luck the get this

the best question would be,is the sending power strong enough,when i only use 90 cm dish,and express sat on 40 east is very weak,maybe then my sending signal is also to weak?
questions over qestions,now i will end here,for the moment,otherwise,is it to much at one time:=)

on lnb i read the folowing information

Type WS 1000 TX
Kuband VSAT TX 1 Watt
Input Freqency 950-bis 1450 mhz
output 950 14.14.5 ghz!

so now the lof is missing what it is?

in articel i read also ,it is only allowed,,only install buy a autohreized company,problem,we dont have any here.)

when i set up wrong,i can, jam and block other satelite signals,but i dont belive this because,the uplink freqency is so high and not in the normal range,when it would be posible,to create,his own uplink sending freqency,then i can jam a transponder, i think,but,no one,can located me,the jamming signal can come from everywhere,for example,some one can sit it rusia,and can block with big dish a hotbird transponder,no one will know ,where the source is!:)
maye also a special lnb holder is needed that i dont have@ the moment..
good night!

and thank you in advanced to replying to this topic:)
is websat,providing,his services,only in irland,or also in uk?
maybe the downspeed is better,because,not so many people use it then one way inet!


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