INSTRUCTION! How to program a Magic Module

jonny bravo

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Jan 1, 2000
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Hi M8's,
This info give's you an idea of how to program a Magic Module
I hope it's of some use to the forum.

Step 1.
Put Satellite receiver in standby then insert the Magic Module CAM without the programmer into the CI Slot on the Digital Satellite receiver. Now power on the receiver and Press "Menu" on satellite remote control and select the "Common Interface" option. Select the slot that displays the Pentacrypt CAM message.

Step 2.
Now you need to prepare the CAM to be loaded with new firmware. So select the "Prepare for loading" option and press OK

Step 3.
You will now be asked to confirm that you wish to blank the CAM and activate the loader. You select "YES" and this will remove the current firmware loaded into the CAM.

Step 4.
When you see the above message you'll need to power off the satellite receiver and then power on again to reset the CAM.

Step 5.
Now Press "Menu" on your satellite remote and select "Common Interface" option. You should now see "Dream Load"
This means the CAM has been successfully cleared and is ready to be re-programmed.

Step 6.
Insert the programmer into the CAM, connect a serial lead from the programmer to a spare COM port on your PC and power on the PC. Both RED & GREEN lights should be lit on the programming unit once PC has booted up - Both PC & Receiver should be switched on at this stage.

Step 7.
Now run the Magic Module loader on your PC and click on "Connect"

Step 8.
You should now be connected and the RED light should no longer be lit on the programmer. Only the GREEN light should now be lit. If both RED & GREEN lights are still lit DO NOT continue any further.

Step 9.
The light on the programmer is GREEN - so it's ok to continue....

Step 10.
Click on the Program Module button and select the file you wish to load to the CAM. We have Penta101.mbf selected above. Just double-click on the file name to load it.

Step 11.
The programming Progress bar shows the module being programmed. Once the progress bar gets to the end it will close the programming window.

Step 12.
Now click on the Disconnect button.

Step 13.
Now you can remove the programmer from the Magic Module.
Switch off the Satellite Receiver and eject the Magic Module. Then re-insert Magic Module and power on the Satellite Receiver. The CAM is now programmed and ready to go.
On some receivers you may need to power on the receiver first and then insert the CAM otherwise it won't detect the CAM.

Kind Regards
jonny bravo:D


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Nice one Jonny bravo, I'll move this to Cams and Decoders and leave a tag here.


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Thanks JB. As I understand it, if the MM fails to work after a fllash, turning on and off the receiver three times (with NO card inserted), or pulling in and out the CAM three times (again with no card inserted), will cause the CAM to reset into the Dreamloader mode and erase the incomplete firmware.