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Insufficient credit??

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Evening all!

I'm living in France and have a freesat from sky card. As my girlfriend was away last week, I thought i'd treat myself to a little adult viewing. I subscribed to a channel online, then typed in my pin and the channel worked. Sweet I thought!
It worked for a couple of nights, now I get a message saying that there is insufficient credit. Is there a way to sort this without taking my box to the uk and plugging it into a uk telephone line and without buying a digi-dialler?
If I was to get another freesat card, would I be able to clone the card, use the card in the machine until there was no credit remaining and then make a fresh clone of the original card?
If so, what do I need to buy to clone a card and how much would it cost?


Lovegroove ;)


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cards have a preset credit limit on them. When it expires it stops working until its connected to a phone line and the payments authorised. Which wont work anyway as you say you have a freesat card.

You cant clone a skyuk card :D :D