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Saw this on the Beeb website, and found it quite an eye-opener.

1 (1) Man Utd £171.5m
2 (4) Real Madrid £156.3m
3 (3) AC Milan £147.2m
4 (10) Chelsea £143.7m
5 (2) Juventus £142.4m
6 (7) Arsenal £115m
7 (13) Barcelona £110.1m
8 (6) Inter Milan £110.3m
9 (5) Bayern Munich £110.1m
10 (8) Liverpool £92.3m
11 (10) Newcastle £90.5m
12 (11) Roma £72m
13 (18) Celtic £69m
14 (16) Tottenham £66.3m
15 (15) Lazio £65.8m
16 (-) Man City £61.9m
17 (14) Schalke £60.5m
18 (-) Marseille £58.3m
19 (-) Rangers £57.1m
20 (-) Aston Villa £55.9m

Manchester United remain the world's richest club in terms of income - but Chelsea are closing the gap, according to a new report.

United top the list with an income of £171.5m for the 2003-04 season, with Real Madrid second, AC Milan third and Chelsea up from 10th to fourth.

Chelsea's income increased from £93.1m £143.7m last season.

And the Deloitte report concluded: "Chelsea will not think that future overall leadership is beyond them."

The report also stated that United, Chelsea and Arsenal could soon comprise the top three positions in the list.

Arsenal came sixth in the report with an income of £115m.

"We expect to see Arsenal move further up the money league in the coming years as they and Chelsea lead London's challenge to Manchester, Madrid and Milan," the report concluded.

"With Chelsea's success and Arsenal's new Emirates stadium development, we can foresee a scenario where English clubs fill the top three places in the 2006-07 money league."

It is the eighth year in a row when United have topped the list, while Liverpool, Newcastle United, Tottenham, Manchester City and Aston Villa also made the top 20.

United, who are currently the subject of a takeover bid from Malcolm Glazer, have an operating profit of £58.3m. There are also places in the top 20 for the Glasgow giants Celtic and Rangers, with the Old Firm clubs 13th and 19th in the table respectively.

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Considering that Celtic & Rangers receive somewhere about £25m/pa less from TV revenues than their EPL cousins, thats extremely good going.