Irdeto CAM no good for me !!!



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i have this IRDETO CAM (P/N 901275) with software v 1.05

i have a fixed dish pointing at 19.2 & 13 East

this CAM is lying useless, can anyone pls advise me to get something out of it

Stream at 13.0 E if i try to get it lasts for just a couple of days n goes away.. i have given up on it...

for Dutch Canal Digitaal package at 19.2E i use the Aston 1.03
Cam with a suitable goldwafer...

can this Irdeto cam i mentioned above be transformed into something else....(Allcam or Betacrypt maybe)

thanx a bunch


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Hello sat_freak

Rolf has answered this question for you under the Magic Module forum.


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well if you watch the Dutch package then the Irdeto CAM will certainly not be useless.

The main Dutch package (Ned1/2/3 RTL4/5, SBS6. NET5, Veronica/kindernet, v8, Canal+rood, Canal+blauw) is simulcrypted under Mediaguard-v1 and Irdeto-v1. The extended Dutch package (Canal+16:9, Discovery, National Geographic, BBC-Prime, Hallmark, etc.) is only encrypted under Mediaguard-v1.

Next month the Dutch are following the rest of Canal+ markets in Europe and switching from Mediaguard-v1 to v2. Since the latter is not hacked, you will not be able to receive it on a pirate card. That means you'll lose the extended Dutch package but will at least still be able to receive the basic package under Irdeto using your Irdeto CAM and a goldwafer....

And if you;re not convinced, or don't want the basic package under Irdeto, then sell your CAM to me.