Irdeto CI 4.7SE module error




I'm using a Irdeto CI 4.7SE (901569) module with a Nokia 9602.
It worked well until one day when I changed the smartcard.
From this point on it never worked again in my receiver. The receiver is not running with the connected module (if I remove the module the Nokia works very well as FTA and also a Aston SECA 1.05 is working well inside).
The display on the Nokia is becoming dark like there is a short circuit in the module during power on (and there is a higher sound hearable, maybe around 15kHz). When I put the module in a PCMCIA slot, it can't be recognised from the computer and it becomes very hot.

Has anybody made some comparable experiences?

Is there a schematic for the module available?

I opened the module and saw, that there is a XILINX spartan circuit used for the connection to the PCMCIA slot connector. I know that this is a FPGA with around 40k gates but does somebody know more on it's inside logic?

A lot of questions for a junior member,I know, but I hope there is somebody with a few answers outside.

Thanks a lot.