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irdeto program



hi everyone

i am using a millenium 2001 programmer with goldcards, with my viaccess cam i use barracuda to edit my codes..now i have a irdeto cam and would like to get a good program that is suitable to update irdeto codes..can anyone help? i would be most gratefull if anyone out there could point me in the right direction..all i can offer in return is advice on all aspects of sat installation....

many thanks


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Mark - I am totally new to the european sat industry. I am trying to get information on whata device and software would be used to program an irdeto card from south africa but have had little success. I did however download a few programs that look promissing but I am not sure if they will do the job. The one that looks the best is called watercard.
Your post is a few months old, have you had success with obtaining information. If you have please let me know, I am eager to find out more. I am going to continue with my search to find information on the subject and would be happy to share any info.

Let me know.