IRTE Omnisat/Omniview dish positioner (c1996)



My Satellite Setup
Echostar 2110
Technomate 5200D
Porty 2 S Crest SL65
1m H-H Lidl 80cm on TM2200
Lidl 40cm on Omnisat.
My Location
Plymouth UK
Just bought the Omnisat from local paper ad. £25. Always wanted one to maybe follow the wayward orbiters and stop the continuous tweaking of my
perfectly good dish! (Just that little bit more!!) Got it running but now realise a) the mechanics are far too light weight to take anything larger than a 6ocm dish and :cool: the dish mount pole does not rotate, the whole top
lid of the box turns. This means there is no auto offset applied to the lnb.
The publicity pictures give a false impression, showing the pole back at about the right angle. Did the magazine (Wotsat etc) write ups of the time pick this up? I cannot believe IRTE didnt think of this!! Anybody
tried altering the mount to correct for this? I glad I didnt give
the £250 price at the time!