Is 81cm by 87cm (W x H) = 80/88/90cm dish



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Sorry for the daft question. I have just measured my existing dish and wanted to know if it is an 80, 88cm dish or 90cm. I cant seem to find the receipt but I remember using the dish on 1 degree west for VIASAT about 4 yrs ago which requires a 90cm dish

it measured 81cm X 87cm approx. (Width X Height)

my measurement was taken in a straight line without tracing the curvature of the dish.

I guess I could have tried this measurement type too, but i did not want to fall off the ladder on a rainy day. Its almost xmas!:D

it looks from my calculation that my adding a few extra cms for the curvature might mean i have actually got a 90cm dish

Any suggestions ?

thanks css_jay