Is a Black Icecrypt CAM a Viaccess CAM?



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Hi All

New to this so this is probably an easy question to answer.

I have just bought a satellite system and realised I need a CAM to get decent channels. I bought a "Black Icecypt" CAM off ebay which seems to work.

I bough this as looking on the net, it appears this card also decodes viaccess etc, see:

(I have no connection with, nor endorse the above links)

However when I put the CAM into my CI slot the only options availible are "No Zap" and "Skycript" the other encriptions are not listed. Could this be because

a. I have no card in the CAM, hence the other encriptions are not activated
b. I need to some how flash/update my card?

Any advice would be appreciated


Joe :)

System setup can be seen on this link: