Is mature content film fact or fiction?



A low budget film about a group of young people making a mature content film has caused controversy among cinema-goers who don't know whether it's fact or fiction.

The film, El Carrete, starts off by telling the fictional tale of a group of five friends who organise a party which they hope will turn into a drug-fuelled orgy.

But after a few minutes, the director walks on screen, tells the cast they've run out of money and that their only hope is to make a mature content film.

The movie has caused controversy among viewers because it is not clear whether from this point on the actors are acting or if they are having s_x for real.

Directors Oliver Leftaro and Pavel Saenz told Las Ultimas Noticias online: "Many people ask if this is a documentary, if one of the girls is really a prostitute, if we are telling what happened to us rather than telling a fiction.

"The truth is that we only handed out a few directions for the actors and they took it from there, so most of what you see is reality."

A spokesperson for Cine Arte Alameda, where the movie is showing, said: "We have had complains about El Carrete.

"Some people are furious that we are showing it. They get confused because they don't know if it is reality or fiction they are watching."