Is this a co-incidence?

Last week I got a call from Sky asking me if my equipment was OK. I said it was and then they said that my cover plan was about to expire and did I want to renew it. I have not had a cover plan for ages and when I told the salesman he was mistaken, he got stroppy and actually disagreed! (As if I wouldn't know what I was paying for!) After the call, I noted it on my calendar and made the comment that Sky would probably zap the digibox now because I refused to take out cover. Well. guess what? Suddenly a few of the channels became pixelated and it wasn't the weather. I wasn't too bothered at first, as I only watch them rarely. However, now Bravo is affected and I am beginning to wonder whether my joke comment has come true.
Does anyone know if this is possible?
Thanks in advance for any help


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Rowz said:
Does anyone know if this is possible?
Thanks in advance for any help
Yeah,he was outside when he called you from his mobile phone,and when you annoyed him,he head butted your dish.
That's what i normally do. O-Ha
You have got to see the funny side of life sometimes,not always.
Do you really think that sky can send "pixels" to particular channels to a particular subscriber ?
(how's my spelling?)