Italian reception for Atra 2D



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Dear Guys, I have heard reports from people in northern Italy that with a dish of 80 or 90 CM. anyone can receive Astra 2D with no problems. I also heard that in the Rome area Astra 2D can only be received with a dish as big as 3.8 M. How this Comes? FROM Rome to Milan (say) there are only 600KM difference. I certainly know that in northern Italy the signal bicomes stronger, but I still believe that there isn't a well balanced proportion between the dish size and the distance itself (like i suggested Rome is only about 6ooKM away from the north of Italy). Can someone answer this, please. And also can someone tell me if indeed people in northern italy receive Astra 2D with only an 80 or 90 CM at most? Thanks, I wold be glad to get a reply to this.


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I am afraid this really is the case, 2d is far more powerful in the north of Italy, the signal really drops off the further south you go.
See the reports page at the Astra 2d site for dish sizes etc.