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I have just learnt that ITV Digital will be dumped by Q3 2002.

In its place will be a consortium comprising the BBC, ITV and other broadcaster's - providing FTA DSAT and DTT services through the "i-see" box - the gateway to FTA .

Discussions are already well underway on pricing; the latest figure is around GBP 99.00 for the "i-see" box; albeit, this figure was denied recently by PACE.

In addition the BBC will renounce their committment to 16:9 transmissions in response to EU concerns about the impact of this format.

EU Polls have so far shown that no less than 0.0117% of EU DTV viewer's - or, 78% of the UK viewing audience, actually prefer 16:9 presentations. As you know 14:9 was adopted by the UK as a half-way house comprimise for analogue viewer's. All formats, other than 4:3, will be phased out by Q4 2003.

Then I woke up. It was a dream !!

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Anyone paying £99 for a Pace needs their head examined