ITV Digital threatening closure in 10 days



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ITV Digital are threatening closure in 10 days if the football league will not willingly renegotiate the deal for football coverage.

I won't copy and paste, please use the link to see the article.

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Is it a Bluff ? (its a big gamble by the league) My own personal thought is both Carlton and Granada are English Media giants /hotels
and resturants: If they do renage and cause the failure/collapse
of the Nationwide/Premiere league they would lose a lot of customers.
(advertisers)( hotel guest) so its also a big gamble for them.
This is a pan thats been boiling for a while now with players wages going through the roof,£350 million for about 30 games (On Didge) as it was then Must have known this was unworkable at this price.
(waiting to find NDS hired chairman who signed On didge deal to bankrupt company)