ITV Sends Apple a Warning Letter



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Adam Crozier, managing director of ITV, spoke to Steve Jobs before his passing. The conversation? About what Apple would name its upcoming television set. It was no secret that Jobs had been working on venturing into the television market, and Crozier wanted to be sure that they didn't name their set 'iTV', following their naming system of iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

Apple will undoubtedly release a TV set, and it is likely to launch later this year. This information has been somewhat confirmed by Jobs' biography, in which the former Apple CEO had said he'd “finally cracked” how to change the TV market and was quoted as to saying: “I'd like to create an integrated television set that is completely easy to use. It would be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud. It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine. I finally cracked it.”

Since the release of this biography, however, rumors have been prevalent about what the company would name its TV set, and 'iTV' seems to be everyone's best guess, prompting ITV to send Apple a letter about the use of this name. ITV, the broadcasting company, started in 1955. It now has channels, websites, and produces original content, things that Apple TV may be looking into after the launch of its TV sets. (Though Apple usually lets others create content and focuses on providing consumers with stylish gadgets for it.) It is no wonder then that ITV is raising an eyebrow at the possibility of an 'iTV'.

While it is true that Apple has already gotten into trouble for using the terms 'iOS' and 'iPhone', it is also true that Apple will likely to want to stay away from a legal battle against a company that is part and parcel of British society. With the UK as one of the major markets for the California-based company, the company won't want any confusion over ITV and 'iTV'. And, after three years of planning, it is unlikely that the company will be careless about naming it's product, which they undoubtedly want to be one of a kind and marketable as unique, something they can't do if it has a namesake on British shores.

It is unlikely that anyone will know what the company will be naming its product till it's ready to launch it. Right now, it's being called 'Apple TV'. The only other things known about the upcoming product is that it will have three screen size options: 37, 42, and 50-inch, and that it will hook up to the iCloud, probably making all Internet-accessible content available on the set.


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This made interesting reading ITV keeps up with the Joneses | Satellites UK because I like ITV. Surely ITV are still missing a trick by not, unlike the BBC iplayer, allowing downloads of their programs, rather than watching them online.