Jackass star arrested in Sweden on drug charges



One of the stars of Jackass has been arrested in Sweden for allegedly swallowing a condom filled with marijuana.

Stephen Glover, known as Steve-O, was arrested after police raided his hotel room in Stockholm.

Glover and his fellow Jackass regulars had performed their Don't Try This At Home show in the Swedish capital on Wednesday night.

Prosecutor Gunnar Fjaestad said the raid happened after Glover claimed he had swallowed the condom as a stunt.

In an entry on his website dated May 22, Glover wrote he swallowed the condom and was "stoned as can be and overjoyed with the success of 'Poo Rubber 2."

Fjaestad said police took an x-ray of Glover's body found a foreign object in his stomach. Police say they also found an ecstasy pill along with more marijuana in his hotel room.

Glover, 28, could face charges of drugs smuggling and possession. A detention hearing is scheduled for the weekend and a judge will decide if Glover should be kept in jail while prosecutors prepare any charges.

Even possession of small amounts of drugs can lead to prison time in Sweden, which has some of the strictest drug laws in Europe. Violators can be given fines or sentenced to prison.

Fjaestad said Glover's alleged violations were especially serious because young people look up to him and other members of the MTV show, which is still aired on MTV Europe.