Jobless John finds work with CV on a sandwich board



A jobless man who posted his CV on a sandwich board is enjoying his first week back at work.

Training manager John Fairest, 37, handed out flyers on the streets of Lincoln in a desperate attempt to find work after he was made redundant.

The father-of-two has now started work with a firm of recruitment consultants after his new manager was impressed with his motivation.

Mr Fairest, who lives on Lincoln's Ermine Estate, was made redundant as a training adviser more than three months ago.

His first unusual efforts at gaining employment saw him posting billboards at junctions around Lincoln outlining his skills.

This ran into trouble with the city council so he took his idea to the streets with a mobile CV.

A sandwich board strung across his body read: "I am a trainer looking for work". It prompted a number of calls from various people.

He said he was later interviewed for a post at recruitment consultancy firm A3 Action For Employment, at Wigford House, in Brayford Wharf and was offered the job.

After starting work he said: "It is a fantastic feeling to be back in work. The manager was looking for someone who was motivated and there I was."

He is now looking at setting up an action line to provide job search support for other unemployed people and give them advice on how to get back into work.