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Just accquired Elvis, problems with card programming


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Just accquired Elvis v3.5 990903 - It came with a downloaded manual (version 6.017.282) and drivers on disc. Could not install drivers (tried ad-teknik(manufacturer) and downloads on this site+paytv -no joy) on my xp set up, but managed on another ME equipped pc. Programmed Gold card with key file entitled 's*ca gold fun'. Slapped it in my (aston cam) Televes7254 receiver and every channel threw up 'card error'. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Not used the card/cam for about 2 years since all channels changed to se*a 2.
Does my cam need udating or am I useing the wrong type of card, and/or software? - or am I just wasting my time with an obselete card/cam combination and go for a matrix or dragon? This is the first time I've attempted to programme a card - any help would be grately appreciated.


T24 said:
MultiProg V1.80 for MP3.4-3.5-3.6 (Elvis).BY TJ