K-touch ups camera-phone ante to 8MP

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Jun 26, 2007
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Previously unknown Chinese mobile manufacturer K-Touch has unveiled its 8 megapixel camera-phone, the C280.
Despite a clear lack of need for such a device, the battle lines have once again been drawn to suggest the next generation of mobile phones will include even more advanced photography equipment.
Forget the draw on battery life, forget the added cost, clearly every mobile phone user looks at their current 5MP snaps and weeps.
“Why can I only blow up my photos to 800%?” is a common cry heard throughout the world. “If only I had eight megapixels to play with for my day-to-day photography needs!”
Keeping things in focus
To be fair, the C280 does have a 3x optical zoom, which is something that should be added to current devices. It seems stupid to make phones pretending to be cameras and then miss off a vital piece.
But let’s be honest - for quick snaps (and not just the off-the-cuff variety, actually taking them quickly and not waiting an age for the shutter to go off) 3.2MP is absolutely dandy.
But, you can bet your bottom dollar in a year or so Samsung or the like will be doing this too. Does anyone remember how just seven years ago a 1MP digital camera was top of the range?
Unfortunately no word on whether this will ever reach European shores. See a few more pics here.