kaon 570 HW-12.c1.A5 Board 1.6 pinout

My Satellite Setup
kaon ksc570
h/w 12c1a5
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hi all i have a troub. after a few flashs and uploads on my deco and when it was really ok i was using the chanel edit and when it was flashing .... electricity went off.....grrrr
now its almost dead displays .8.8.8 and dosnt alow me to change nothing with kup coz when it starts to read ...welll i could stay all night waiting.. for it and nothing

as i c only a jtag could solve the prob but when i opened the box.....shit...
board is really diferent from the version with 12 01 a5..... no place for jtag below ide spare socket wich in this deco isn't there also....

does anyone know were to make the soldering points in order to use jtag

if so helpppppppp me....

i recovered 2 570 but older versions with jtag but this board sucks..