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Fresh, great tasting food and a healthier lifestyle. Omlet makes keeping chickens that lay delicious eggs easy and fun. The eglu is the world's most stylish and innovative chicken house and is the perfect way to keep chickens as pets. If you live in the middle of a city, in the suburbs or in the countryside Omlet can supply you with everything you need to start living the good life.


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Our local supermarket is always getting its supply and demand wrong, and so Ive usually got eggs galore when they reduce them on the last day

For example 96 eggs cost me £1.80 two weeks ago, Ive already eaten six and given away 40, and I expect these to last me another 3 weeks or so.

Im not sure how much grain a hen needs to lay an egg a day, but its got to be more than 2p?

Now if I could get a duck or goose from the same place then I would gladly start a backyard farm , cats (and foxes) notwithstanding