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Anybody knows how can I write the keys from my PC to the receiver. I've tried the keymaker. It can connect to the receiver and read the keys perfectly, but it can't write the modified keys to the receiver. It always gives an error message "ComEstateError" and asks me to change the COM port speed. I've tried changing the speed and other settings of the com port and tried to change the competability to windows 98 (I use Windows XP) but it failed hundreds of times. I've also tried keymaker 2.2 but it also have communication problem and it can't write to the receiver. I gave up. Would anybody please guide me what to do to edit the keys on my PC and write it to the receiver.
My receiver is Technosat 6000 Plus CXCI and my software is Atlanta 5.61 Pached. Of course I canedit the keys manually by the remote control but it takes a lot of time and effort and it can't enter viaccess2 or irdeto2 keys.


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