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keys not working


Regular Member
Hi lads,

I updated the files in my Mr last night.
I only recieved the MR 2 days ago and it was thef irst chance i had to mess around with it. Now i did everything according to the notes i recieved with the latest files, (which i got from toecutters) but still have had no joy! Maybe im thinking its because of the satellite im pointing at (astra19e) maybe the fles dont clear too many stations on that particular bird. Also i have a technomate 5500 dapci unless now theres a particular with that.

This is the procedure im doing:
go to menu - goto MR - goto setup - change default key - then the MR initialises. Then goto MR again - edit cas keys- choose my provider, enter keys into appropriate place. when finished go to scrambled channel and wa-la nada!!
Any help would be very much appreciated.


Specialist Contributor
My Satellite Setup
Channel Master 1.2m motorised, V Box, Technomate TM-5402HD.
My Location
Aberdeen, Scotland
There's probably not a huge amount on 19E at the moment - but you should, for example, be able to clear some Dutch channels; Ned1, 2 & 3, RTL4 & 5 and Veronica although you shouldn't need key changes for these if you've only just got your MR. What are you trying to open?