keys to Unlock some scramble channels



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1.2M Channel Master, 1224 motor, VU+ Duo 2
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North West
So you have already got a VU+ Duo 2, perhaps it's time you updated your profile.
You might also want to look at some of the plugins, and addons, you can use with the VU+ duo 2, and Black Hole, including Internet streaming, if you have a good broadband speed.


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My Satellite Setup
Didn't get any yet, but i'm looking to buy Vu+ Duo2 with alluminium 110cm dish with motor.
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No, I still havent got it, but from what I heard this is the best hybrid tuner (dvb c and dvb s2), and i will tell you my plan.
Firstly, ill buy an unbranded alluminium 110cm dish, a disecq motor and the vu for about 600 with the remaining stuff like dvb c only boxes and disecq positioner. Then ill get a package of vodafone. Here vodafone is modular, so you add what you need to the basic. Ill get the standart 26€ package plus the 100mb upgrade for 11€. Because vodafone just gives me 76 channels without box ill not rent a box to get the 100 channels and ill use satellite because its very much better.
And i like vu+ duo2 because it supports XBMC, (black hole 2.1.5) which lets me see hd streams from unacessable channels. Then ill buy a cheap decoder with biss key support to test out stuff, and the modulator to mix the signal with vodafone one and watch directly on the vu.