Killer file for non-genuine CAS2 units



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Duolabs CAS Studio 6 update has been reported as killing non-genuine CAS2 units and this would appear to be a deliberate function.

No axe to grind here, but I would disagree with some people's assertions that the suppliers who bought gear knowing them to be illegitimate CAS2 units are victims, they are far from victims, they have supplied something knowing that it is not as described and have probably made a bigger profit in so doing.

It is however not very fair to the consumer who may well be an innocent victim, thinking to all intents and purposes that he is buying a Duolabs CAS2 and doesn't deserve for it to be destroyed.

Unfortunately there is a consumer movement to buy product as cheap as possible, even to the degree where it is hard to see how the seller can be making a profit, purchasers then appear surprised when they find that their purchase is somewhat less than genuine.

This happened previously with Magic Modules and Titanium cards and on both occasions the killer file was introduced, neither company gained in stature or respect by this tactic, I guess that sometimes lessons are not learned.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.

If you have recently bought a CAS2 and are not sure whether it is genuine, then avoid using CAS Studio 6.