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Kyng A1.08


Moderador Internacional
My Satellite Setup
Illusion KYNG M3
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Nova versão do KYNG

[*]Added : Support for Radegast ethernet and NewCamD ethernet support, for those having the Illusion ethernet module.
[*]Added : A new graphical interface to show the connection status of the Radegast ethernet and NewCamD ethernet using the yellow button in the ZAP.
[*]Added : Gbox support through serial port (tested and working).
[*]Added : New mode in the network settings to support the future release of MaximoDJ's Flory KYNG for Pigi+ and TV KAKA (you will like it).
[*]Added : Premiere AU.
[*]Added : Support for Premiere BetaCrypt official cards (needs testing).
[*]Added : New 4102 provider.
[*]Added : Catalan language support.
[*]Added : Galician language suport.
[*]Added : Dutch language suport.
[*]Corrected : Bug releated to Fav lists and scan.
[*]Corrected : Bug releated to Fav lists and power on.
[*]Corrected : Many many more...[/LIST]

M3/C3/X3 Download Aqui

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