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Laughing at the Monkey



How S*y must be laughing at the monkey.
After virtually bankrupting I*VD by forcing them to pay over the odds for unnecessary sports rights they have now become the only player in the bidding game (are the monopolies commission watching?) thereby allowing them to name their own price for movies, sports and other events.
But will the subscribers see a reduction in price?


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elliots butchers
Just the reverse i imagine....without wishing to state the obvious.
You have to give credit to sky though. They had the foresight to plough millions into satellite tv years ago. remember all the jokes about viewing figures in the early days? their entire digital package is just a billion times better than cable or itv digi.
christ! it drives me mad trying to find the program schedule on itv digital and as for itv sport is it just me or is their advertising of upcoming matches terrible?? i keep missing them!