Lenson Heath Offset Angle


Tony B

I recently had to take down my 1m LH dish, due to Jaeger motor problems. I now need to re-align the whole system and have lost one vital piece of info - the LNB offset angle of the dish.
Does anyone have this, or know where I can obtain it?
Thanks in advance!
Tony B


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Good question. I've seeen it somewhere but can't remember where.
However, I had a similar problem myself once when the LNB arm broke. I found that it was fairly easy to locate the offset focal point using an analogue receiver and a weak target signal - or use the so-called wet towel method whereby you gradually obscure more of the dish using a wet towel (which absorbs the microwave signal) making it easier to locate the real sweetspot.

Tony B

Many thanks for the advice. This would be good for the situation where I had actually removed the LNB arm and needed to refit it so that it was in the right hotspot, but in this case it is undisturbed relative to the dish. My challenge was to get the face of the dish elevated correctly, given the fact that it is not a prime focus type. To the rescue come Triax (owners of the LH brand) who have today confirmed that all LH offset dishes are at an offset of 22.5 degrees.
The polar angle was untouched during removal, so, OK, now all I need to do is get an accurate 1 degree West azimuth....

Thanks again!
Tony B