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Lg Ldr-440ci !!!!

hello, it s my first message in this forum.
I need your assistance. For Me I live in Canada ( montreal), I have a parabolic receiver LG model LDR-440CI. I collect the free channel under the satellite TELSTAR 5. I have speak with people here by asking for information to know if I can recive whit my receiver the channels of Echostar 61.5 (crypted) 39.99$, They said to me that it is impossible and that I must change my receiver LG by a DishNetwork receiver.

If some with an oder idea, or buy an appareil to use with my receiver, want to answer me Please . And for more information about My receiver:

and for direction

N.B: my LG have the option DVB: Digital Video Broadcasting.!!!

Finally, i m watting yours response,& thanks very Much.