Like all Re-Brands - this isnt interesting - no! really its not.



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My Satellite Setup
2xPace 430N, 1xNokia MM9800, 1xNokia 80cm Sat Dish, 1xGibertini 120cm, Big Fat Furry Puss
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Berlin, Germany.
[This post is more for those who don't give a damn, like me:D ]

After 5yrs I have undergone a, burp, back from the pub rebrand. I am all green and new, like BP. BT without the Piper, O2 without any gas, or, 3G without any 3G, hehe.

I apologise for the industrial equivalents - but, frankly speaking, BarMoo isn't that much of an improvement - but I just got myself (another) TLD - so its sticks.

mljgmljgmljgwhateveritwas-quiglyzig is now BarMoo. MarkYourBurps, sorry, words!

Yep, I feel as happy as a bloke who's just had a snip to please the wife. Play along with the game, why don't you.:D