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lists for fortec (gtd files)


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Technomate 9100 and 90cm dish motorised
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South East Midlands
I wonder if there is anybody kind enough (who lives in Europe) who can upload to the file section their channel lists as I lost all of mine when I updated software a month ago. On the Fortec 5100 plus it takes days to scan the channels and organise them all. Or is there a way to convert channels lists from other recievers so they can be used on the fortec? I think a section for channel files would be agood idea. Does anyone agree and can anybody help?

I have tried using satcodx but it does not work with the fortec (non gtd files) and it still gives me sats that I cannot get.

I can do mine and offer the file to anyone but it will takes weeks to complete. I know there are people who offer simliar files for the dreambox so I wonder if anyone knows where I can get them for the Fortec range.

It would save a lot of work as my reciever is not blind scan. Anyone?